Regulatory Information You Need to Know

Regulatory numbers for hazardous-waste removal

We recognize that complying with local, state and federal regulations, as well as American Dental Association Best Management Practices, is critical for the business success of dental offices. Our hazardous-waste removal services are designed to responsibly and carefully remove amalgam waste, lead foil and film for recycling or disposal.  We also legally dispose of spent fixer solution, fluorescent light bulbs, and electronic waste.

The following are Maguire Refining’s regulatory numbers:
EPA and State Site NumberMND 981 101 314
DUNS Number06651-54-20
Anoka County NumberHW 12282
Metropolitan Waste Water Number0661-431
MN Resource Recovery Certificate Number599
ND Transportation NumberWH-0462
WI Transportation Number11779

Maguire provides proper waste disposal for amalgam separators and meets U.S. Department of Transportation regulations. We also meet the ANSI/ADA Specifications Standard No. 109, “Procedures for Storing Dental Amalgam Waste and Requirements for Amalgam Waste Storage/Shipment Containers.”


Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG): Transportation regulations

Minnesota Statute § 116.07, Subdivision 2 was amended in the 1989 legislature to provide a partial exemption from hazardous-waste regulations for certain hazardous wastes.

A Very Small Quantity Generator (VSQG) generates 100/kg (220 lbs/month) or less of hazardous waste. VSQGs can transport spent dental waste, including amalgams, fixer solution, film and lead, without a MnDOT transporter license for disposal and recycling. Most dental practices qualify as VSQGs.


Compliance Silver Check canisters

Spent fixer contains small amounts of the heavy metal silver in the waste stream. The ion-exchange steel-wire compliance canister trailing the film processor removes silver particles to less than 5 ppm (parts per million) to meet EPA standards for hazardous materials.



On October 26, 2001, the USA PATRIOT Act was signed into law, requiring “dealers” in precious metals, stones or jewels to implement a written AML (anti-money laundering) program by January 1, 2006. The act states:

“Precious metals, precious stones, and jewels are easily transportable, highly concentrated forms of wealth. They serve as international mediums of exchange and can be converted into cash anywhere in the world. In addition, precious metals, especially gold, silver, and platinum, have a readily, actively traded market, and can be melted into various forms, thereby obliterating refinery marks and leaving them virtually untraceable. For these reasons, precious metals, precious stones, and jewels can be highly attractive to money launderers and other criminals, including those involved in the financing of terrorism.” (68 FR 8481).


U.S. Department of the Treasury definitions

Precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, iridium or osmium that have a purity level of 0.500 (50%) or more or an alloy containing .500 or greater, singly or in any combination.

Covered goods: precious metals, stones or jewels and finished goods that derive 50% or more of their value from precious metal contained in or attached to such finished good.

Cash: cash, cashier’s checks, money orders, traveler’s checks or bank drafts.

Suspicious activity: attempted transactions or a pattern of transactions that you know, suspect, or have reason to suspect involve criminal activity, are designed to evade BSA laws, appear to serve no business purpose, for which there is no reasonable explanation and may involve financial transactions to facilitate criminal activity.

Willful blindness: occurs when a person is deemed to have knowledge that proceeds were derived from an illegal activity and purposefully ignored those facts.


Anti-money Laundering (AML) Compliance Data

Key Officer and Owner: John Maguire

Organizational Type: MN C Corp since 1987

Federal EIN: 41-159-8664

State Tax ID Number: 212 8815

Bank Information: Citizens Independent Bank, Robbinsdale, MN

Maguire Refining neither imports nor exports goods outside the United States.

Contact us for Maguire Refining, Inc. AML Compliance Data and information pertaining to the Maguire Refining, Inc. USA PATRIOT Act Compliance Program.

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