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We take great pride in our work, but even more in our relationships with our customers. Read what they have to say about our partnerships, and about the trust, credibility, accountability and responsiveness that sustain them.

“I’ve been in the business for 38 years. Since I found Maguire over fifteen years ago, I have been happy with every transaction. It boils down to trust. What else do you have when sending your scrap? I always feel I have received a fair settlement with Maguire.” Warren R. Petrie, Petrie Dental Lab LTD, Richton Park, IL Dental Icon

“My office has been using Maguire Refining for recycling dental amalgam sludge for many years. Maguire’s Amalgam Sludge Mail-away Program makes recycling very simple! My patients also comment on how fast they receive payment when they use the Prepaid Postage Scrap Mailer. Excellent company for helping dentists!” George Noesen, DDS, Noesen & Associates, Redwing, MN Dental IconRecycle Icon

“We have at last found an honest gold-refining company …  with Maguire, we are completely satisfied and at ease. The prompt service is a big plus.” Robert Uffenbeck, Uffenbeck Jewelers, Appleton, WI Jewelry Icon

“We have used Maguire Refining for many years, and that says a lot in itself. We are truly thankful for getting to know John as an honest, caring and all around great person. We appreciate how fast and efficient the Maguire Refining process is, and we look forward to many more years of business with John and his son, Phil. Nothing more needs to be said. Maguire is the best.” Ricky Sabo, Sabo Dental Lab, Inc., Oakdale, MN Dental Icon

“I have used … [Maguire Refining] for 11 years for our office and patients. Their process is simple, their services reliable … Maguire Refining has also kept up with the times, adding services as dentistry changes (e.g., amalgam recycling). The company has been an important member of our team, and I can depend on them to deliver excellent services to me and my patients.” Robert Maley, DDS, Dr. Bob Maley Family Dentistry, St. Paul, MN  Recycle Icon

“We have the greatest confidence that Maguire will give us a fair and honest value for our precious metal scrap. The personal attention to our needs makes working with Maguire a pleasure, and we value that personal contact … I find Maguire to be … honest and ethical … This is important when dealing with precious metals that are worth a great deal of money in today’s market. We would highly recommend Maguire’s services to anyone looking for good, honest returns on their metal refining.” Jane Lowery and Thomas Marynak, Southside Dental Lab, South Saint Paul, MN Dental Icon

“I … shipped [an equal weight of scraps] to three different gold refiners. The scrap return from Maguire came out to … about $2,000 more than the two other refiners, which led me to have trust in Maguire. John Maguire also stops into our lab … and this personal relationship means a lot to me.” Tom Hagen, Colonial Dental Studio, Davenport, IA Dental Icon

“[In 1996,] we experienced a fire and had to temporarily move our laboratory during reconstruction. In hopes of keeping things simple, we decided to only work with Maguire … because of the trust and relationship that was born, we now only use Maguire.” Michael A. Kudrna, Jamestown Dental Lab, Fargo, ND Dental Icon

“I’ve never had any problems with the weights received, which is not always the case with other refiners. The scales have even matched to the 0.1 dwt quite often. The pricing has been honest and the refining amounts assayed and paid out have always agreed to what I thought was in the scrap.” Joel D. Schroeder, J. D. Coins, Rochester, MN Coins Icon

“I have used as least six other refineries before settling on Maguire Refining. I have not been able to find another refinery that has been as consistent with my return as Maguire … I would highly recommend Maguire Refining because of honest, consistent assaying … [and fast] service.” Richard C. Weber, Weber Bros. Jewelers, Inc., Lancaster, WI Jewelry Icon

“Several refining companies have called my laboratory requesting that I send them my scrap gold. I told them that I am very satisfied with the company I have been using, Maguire Refining. Maguire is not only fast and efficient, but is supportive of the dental laboratory industry.” Gary L. Van De Pol, president, Mitchell Dental Laboratory, Inc., Fort Dodge, IA Dental Icon

“We’ve never had a problem or issue with Maguire … we have greatly appreciated the outstanding job they have done for us and for treating us like a valued customer.” John Becker, Reliable Dental Laboratory, Omaha, NE Dental Icon

“ … we have used Maguire for a number of years and we have extreme confidence and respect for the company and its staff. We appreciate the prompt service and feel we are receiving fair value. We especially like the averaging plan to protect against sudden one-day variations.” Milton Roth, Roth Jewelers, Waterloo, IA Jewelry Icon

“It has been my pleasure to call John Maguire a friend for the past 30 years. I’ve interacted with John socially, as a sportsman, and as a businessman, and his fairness and integrity have remained a constant. Over the years, our office has utilized Maguire Refining, and we are very satisfied with the level of support and commitment to customers. I could not recommend anyone and any company more highly than I do John and Maguire Refining.” Dan Goede, DDS, past president, South Dakota Dental Association, Southeastern Dental Center, Sioux Falls, SD Recycle Icon

“Maguire works with me the way I work with my customers: professionally and timely.” Brian E. Fanning, The Rock Island Diamond Company, Rock Island, IL Jewelry Icon

“I have settled comfortably into sending all of my scrap to Maguire … I have based this on the honesty and integrity I’ve experienced in dealing with Maguire. The returns are always prompt and with full disclosure of the assay, and I always feel like I’m dealing with a business that cares about its customers.” Dave Gardner, Gardner Dental Arts, Waukesha, WI Dental Icon

“Maguire has earned my trust with excellent, honest service for twelve years, and payment is always prompt — every time. It is a pleasure to work with Maguire.” Dick Bitzan, Bitzan Jewelers, St. Cloud, MN Jewelry Icon

“Sending off our gold scrap … we know that Maguire will be giving us fair value and doing it in a very timely manner. We would not have done this for the last 10 years if we were not confident of Maguire’s service and honesty … the relationship will continue!” Mark Cormier, Hager Jewelry, Inc., Hutchinson, MN Jewelry Icon

“Another year has come and gone … It’s nice to have such a dedicated company to work with.” Quadent Dental Studio, Plymouth, MN Dental Icon

“I’ve happily used Maguire through two stores [over the past 20 years]. I would recommend Maguire to anyone who’d like fast service with integrity and common sense.” Doug Todd, The Diamond Showcase, Wausau, WI Jewelry Icon

“We have used Maguire for many years. They are very honest, pleasant and easy to deal with … We are very satisfied and highly recommend Maguire. We appreciate the prompt service very much.” Gerald E. Jackson, Jackson-Spah dental Studio, Inc., Fridley, MN Dental Icon

“We … have been doing business with Maguire for many years and are completely satisfied … [Maguire] has always been prompt and professional in our refining needs. We highly recommend Maguire.” Jim Brown, Iowa Crown Crafts, Inc., Clive, IA Dental Icon

“ … honesty is a wonderful thing.” Kevin Beth, Traveler’s Alley Handcrafted Jewelry Studio, Lake Mills, WI Jewelry Icon

“[I thank Maguire] for its ‘refining magic’ … For eight years, I’ve always been satisfied with the work, personal service and my returns. I’m always pleased with what Maguire is able to recover, and by its no-nonsense refining charge.” Scott Larson, Larson Dental Lab, Baxter, MN Dental Icon

“[I’m grateful] for the fine service my practice has received over the past 10 years. I appreciate working with a respectable company like Maguire, and believe that I receive fair prices for the scrap metal sent in for refining. I look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial relationship.” Patti Froeber, DDS, Froeber Dentistry, Minneapolis, MN Dental Icon

“Great Plains Dental Studios has been using Maguire for over ten years and has been very satisfied with their prompt service. I would highly recommend Maguire to anyone in need of precious scrap refining.” Lee Elward, Great Plains Dental Studios, Mitchell, SD Dental Icon