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Dental amalgam waste disposal

  • Acceptable waste includes waste dental amalgam, amalgam traps, amalgam separators filters, soft plastic amalgam traps, hard plastic amalgam traps with enclosed steel-wire mesh, teeth with amalgams or “wigglebugs,” and encapsulated plastic pills. This waste counts as lower-density waste and should not include amalgam sludge.
  • We offer 1.25-gallon, 2.5-gallon and 5-gallon kits for dental amalgam and amalgam traps.
  • We offer a 5-gallon spin-top kit that holds three or more 12-inch-long cylindrical amalgam separator filters.
  • We offer two different kits for single cylindrical-style amalgam separation filters.

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Dental amalgam sludge only

  • Acceptable waste includes amalgam sludge from filterless amalgam separators, such as R & D Services’ The Amalgam Collector.™
  • We offer a 1.25-gallon pail that fits into a 3.5-gallon plastic container for additional protection.

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Dental x-ray film

  • We offer a 1.25-gallon kit for all films.
  • All medical x-ray films are stored in a secure facility, per HIPAA guidelines, until all protected health information (PHI) is destroyed during the recycling process.

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Dental x-ray lead foil and lead aprons

  • We offer a 1.25-gallon kit for dental x-ray lead foil.
  • We offer kits for recycling 1 or 2 lead aprons.

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In each kit …

Each kit includes a durable cardboard shipping box and regulation-compliant plastic pail or high-strength plastic bag when appropriate, ensuring multi-barrier protection. Kits also include prepaid UPS shipping labels and a certificate of assurance.

Helping dental offices stay legal, compliant and environmentally responsible

The Environmental Protection Agency, as well as other federal, state and local regulatory bodies, requires the proper collection, recycling and disposal of hazardous materials generated by dental offices.

We help your office remain environmentally legal, EPA compliant and in alignment with American Dental Association Best Management Practices. Our expert hazardous-waste management helps ensure that your amalgam waste, amalgam traps, lead foil and film are collected and disposed of safely and responsibly. We recycle select materials.

Protecting your business and the environment

To keep things legal, safe, simple and cost-effective, we offer prepaid waste-collection kits for individual waste-stream items. For dental offices within 150 miles of Minneapolis, we also offer pickup services.

Our kits are designed to properly dispose of the following materials. Please note that we do not currently accept sharps or sharps-related waste:

Visit our Regulatory Information page for EPA and related regulatory numbers and information.

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