Precious Metal Calculator

Helping you estimate the value of your gold and precious metal scrap

Our precious metal calculator is intended for use by our in-the-trade jeweler customers that have storefronts and state and federal ID numbers. If you are a member of the general public and would like to inquire about our services, please call us at 800.486.2858 or contact us.

Weight Unit of Measure Metal Estimated Value
9K Gold
10K Gold
14K Gold
18K Gold
22K Gold
23K Gold
90/10 Platinum
Troy Ounce
Sterling Silver
————— Values are subject to change without notice. —————

Please note that the US Hallmark Act of 1981 requires manufacturers to fully karat gold solids; prior to 1981, manufacturers could by law be 0.5 karat light. Therefore, jewelry manufactured prior to 1981 may have been legitimately under-karated, slightly lowering the expected gold return of a settlement.

We are unable to estimate the value of dental solids made from precious metal alloys, since there is no standard gold percentage for dental solids.

Useful conversions: 
1 dwt (pennyweight) = 1.555 grams
20 dwt (pennyweight) = 1 troy ounce = 31.1048 grams
14.583 troy ounce = 1 pound avoirdupois

Conversions [downloads as PDF]

Gold Keystone Brochure [Downloads as PDF]

Print out this handy reference sheet to help you quickly determine keystone pricing when buying scrap from the public.