Mail-Away Sharps Disposal System

Don’t  get stuck with contracts!

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We offer two solutions for your office.  Both are prepaid and can be ordered online or by phone and we will ship them to your office. Simply fill the containers and return them using the included prepaid UPS shipping label. No contract required. No minimum order. No expiration. Order only what and when you need with no additional service fees. These are specifically designed to meet the needs of small generators like dental offices rather than trying to force you into a “one size fits all” contract aimed at hospitals and large institutions.

Stand-alone Sharps Disposal Pail

The first is a   5 gallon Life Latch pail  with a double walled  return shipping box . It has all the necessary labeling, compliance paperwork,  and  includes  prepaid shipping via UPS. You use your own sharps containers and  can place used gauze, etc in the liner bag alongside the sharps containers.

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Sharps Disposal Pail with 8 Syringe Containers

Our second offering includes everything listed above  but ALSO includes 8  one-quart sharps  containers  sized to fit securely  inside the disposal pail.

Used gauze may be placed in the  empty space in the pail as well.

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