Scrap Mailer Envelopes

If your patients want their teeth with gold restorations back after you perform an extraction, give  them one of our envelopes. They can use our free, return postage paid scrap mailer envelopes to sell their extracted teeth with gold  restorations or old gold crowns to us for top dollar.

The envelopes are made durable Tyvek to protect  items during mailing.  We pay all of  the postage.  They simply fill out the  enclosed card with their  name and address, seal the items to sell in the envelope, and  place it in the mail.

Once we  receive the   item(s),  we  weigh the metal, determine its value, and  mail a check. We also mark each envelope we give  to dental offices with a unique code, so we know to  replenish your stock when we receive an envelope from you or one of your patients.

If your patients do not take their dental gold following an extraction, your office  can use one of our envelopes to return the restoration and we will write the check to you. We also have larger containers available if you want to send quantities of an ounce or more in for refining.

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