Door-to-door Recycling and Disposal Services

Pickup services for the Minneapolis, Minnesota Metropolitan Area

Materials like spent fixer solution and dental amalgam waste are considered hazardous. They must be disposed of in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

Our expertise in hazardous-waste management means that we are your first choice to legally dispose of amalgam waste, lead foil, lead aprons, x-ray film and fixer solutions or to install EPA-compliant ion-exchange silver check canisters. While we work mainly with the dental and medical industries, we also service chiropractic, veterinarian and industrial businesses.

Amalgam waste disposal, x-ray film and lead foil recycling

We offer amalgam waste, lead foil and film pickup services to dental professionals located within 150 miles of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

All medical x-ray films are stored in a secure facility, per HIPAA guidelines, until all protected health information (PHI) is destroyed during the recycling process.

Although we do not require special waste containers for local pickup, we offer container kits for dental-related materials. Contact us for container kit information.

Disposal of silver-recovery products, fixer solution and miscellaneous materials

We also provide the following products and services for customers in portions of greater Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Silver Filters — Canister

3-gallon Silver Check canister with steel-wire canister filler


5-gallon Silver Check canister with steel-wire filler$179.00*

Manual 3-gallon Silver Check canister with 5-gallon reservoir


Silver Filters

Silver Trap® Windows™ silver trap


Spent Fixer Solution

$6.00 per gallon.

Miscellaneous materials

Fluorescent light bulbs


* Price includes purchase, installation, pickup and legal disposal.

For further information concerning pricing, purchase and service, please call 800.486.2858 or contact us.

Visit our Regulatory Information page for EPA and related regulatory numbers for our hazardous-waste removal services.

We also accept drop-offs of amalgam waste, lead foil, film, spent fixer solution and silver filters, as well as the miscellaneous items listed above.