ASDEX Replacement Amalgam Separator Filters – Includes Recycling



Replacement filters for Capsule Technologies ASDEX amalgam separator systems with included mail-away recycling of used filter.

These are the same as the standard AS-5, AS-10, and AS-20 replacement filters but they include all shipping materials, compliance paperwork, and a prepaid-return shipping labels to conveniently recycle the used filter.

All filters are ISO 11143 Certified per the manufacturer.

They have a flow rate of up to 1L/min. They should be replaced when vacuum is depleted to mouthpiece or after 1 year.

The filters come in three sizes to fit a variety of applications

AS-5 – Typically used chair side in mobile applications where space is at a premium. Total length of filter cartridge is 7″.

AS-10 – Standard chair side unit. Total length of filter cartridge is 12″.

AS-10 4 pack – A 4 pack of the popular AS-10 filters in a five gallon pail to recycle the spent filters and other amalgam waste.

AS-20 – 2 to 4 chair central location. Total length of filter cartridge is 22″.


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AS-FR-10, AS-FR-20, AS-FR-10-4, AS-FR-05