Amalgam Waste Recycling Kits


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Dental Amalgam Disposal Made Easy

Our kits make it easy for your practice to dispose of amalgam waste. The pail is clearly labeled in accordance with the ADA’s Best Management Practices for Amalgam Waste. Once the pail is full, mail it back for recycling using the original box and the shipping label.
Available in three sizes to meet your practice’s needs.
All prices include shipping and handling both to and from your office within the continental US.

The Maguire Refining Advantage

We are the only amalgam waste recycler listed by the American Dental Association   with the ability to safely process all forms of amalgam waste and pay  you for the gold, silver, platinum and palladium contained in extracted crowns, PFMs, etc.

Store  teeth containing  gold restorations  in the provided cup or return them to your patient with one of our scrap mailer envelopes . Place  all other amalgam waste (traps, capsules,  filters, etc) in the pail.

 Extracted teeth containing amalgam and precious metal restorations are considered to be both potentially infectious as well as mercury waste. We are able to disinfect the tooth then separate the precious metal scrap from the amalgam waste. This allows us to safely recycle the amalgam waste before we assay the precious metal scrap in order to pay you. We do this regardless of whether material is received directly from your dental office or from your patient via our pre-paid scrap mailer envelopes.

Download Instructions   for further details.

Available in three   sizes to meet your practice’s needs.

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1.25 Gallon Amalgam Waste Recycling Kit, 2.5 Gallon Amalgam Waste Recycling Kit, 5 Gallon Amalgam Waste Recycling Kit